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 And YESSS! I made some moves, travelling towards my dream, 'a cancer free future'. London, Scotland, Prague and i'm so positive, someday a cancer free world would be a reality.
At the 19th Reach to Recovery breast cancer conference, I took advantage of all the program has to offer, learning new skills of cancer support and advocacy used by other countries, made new friends, lot of amazing, intelligent, creative, hardworking, strong, positive, beautiful, wonderful women from different parts of the world, who have been affected by the scourge (breast cancer) in one way or the other and are making an impact, doing great works to combat the scourge in their various countries. Malaysia, Germany, Czech, Scotland, Kenya, Australia, South Africa, Poland, Netherlands, India, China, US of America, Greece, Cuba, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Albania, New Zealand to mention a few.

The RRI 2019 brought together patients, survivors and medical professionals from around the world to address the needs of women with breast cancer.
Delegates were invited to discuss important themes such as breast cancer in young women, body image after breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer or conditions, psychological aspect. Some of the topics discussed were:
 Peer support as a key component of holistic breast cancer care: panel discussion
B. The latest in research and treatment
C. Breast cancer in younger women
D.  Body image after breast cancer
E.  Psychological aspects of breast cancer 

F. Strategies for living well during and after breast cancer
G. Success stories from local groups
H. Improving communication skills in cancer (an ABC Global Aliance Workshop) (Part I)
I. Starting up a peer support programme (Part I)
J. Metastatic breast cancer
K. Catching it early and importance of education and advocacy
L. Myth bursting: dispelling the myth about breast cancer.
M. Far reaching effects f breast cancer on patients and their families.


I LOVE LALEH TOO. The Indian lady in the middle. As soon as she saw me , she told me the doors to her home in India is opened for me at anytime i choose to come to India. Her husband is an oncological surgeon. He does great breast construction works for women who would like to do breast construction after a breast cancer diagnosis. She told me about how her husband lived in Nigeria for many years at a point. She wold love to visit Nigeria again, And i told her i will be glad to receive her too.

I LOVE THIS CHINESE LADY, LI. She saw me and loved me instantly, we do not speak the same language, we had to start communicating with sign language, she was so excited she brought out her phone for us to communicate through the interpreter, an app on her phone, later she went to look for an interpreter to interpret her thoughts. She also gave me a gift and told her friend who was later interpreting for us to ask me if i would wear her dress the following day, lol...! She would not let me go. I haven't seen that kind of love before, she also asked her friend to tell me she would love to invite me to China. She showed me great pictures and video of her cancer foundation in China, very talented woman and lovely too.

I also took time as well to explore the stunningly beautiful city of Prague, during the "19th Avon walk hosted by Prague, Czech republic against breast cancer. It is the largest walk i have ever seen, even bigger than the Scotland moon walk, i guess the whole of Prague attended that walk. Babies in Pram were not left out. Together, we can create a cancer free future, Let's Kill it!

The theme of this conference is Building Bridges Toward Recovery.
Reach to Recovery International conferences unite delegates from around the world and from all walks of life who have one thing in common: all work in some way to improve the lives of those touched by breast cancer.
They come together to learn from each other and from a broad range of health care professionals, sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources.
Delegates return home armed with the tools they’ll need to develop and operate breast cancer support and advocacy programs in their own communities.  With roughly 1.7 million women world-wide being newly diagnosed with breast cancer each year, the work of RRI has never been more important.

CATHY BRICE HIRSCH I can never forget to mention this wonderful lady Cathy Hirsch, the President of the Reach to Recovery organization. From my very first contact with her, online before the conference, she did not just prove to be worthy of her role, she exhibited astonishing humility as a president of such a big organization and she was always ready to help, she never got tired of my several e-mails/messages back and forth and she responded almost instantly that i almost felt i was the only one she was attending to. She made me make more effort to attend the program, despite how difficult it was to get the Czech republic visa in Nigeria. It was almost impossible to book an appointment for visa interview. Only one landline was made available, the line was ever busy and it was forbidden to try to book an appointment online, you just have to wait for luck, and this landline is only made available for a few hours between 9am and 2pm in one day in a month, if luck does not get you through within these few hours, you have to wait till another month when the line will be made available again once a month.
 On meeting Cathy, i realized she was even simpler than i thought, a cancer survivor too, a lawyer, an American. Her husband joined her at the conference, nice couple. It was more amazing to find out we boarded the same flight to London, sat close to each other in the aircraft, reminiscing about the whole experience at Prague, Czech republic.


We all gathered at the clarion congress hotel, Prague in readiness for the beautiful Plzenska restaurant which is located in the underground floor of the Municipal House. It was the traditional Czech cuisine, traditional Czech specialties and excellent Pilsner beer. We all enjoyed Czech music played by Švejk Duo and other performers from prague streets as organ grinders.It sure was a night to remember.


 The AVON Walk full of solidarity, optimism and hope. The symbolic track, approximately 3 km long, led from the Old Town Square through the river bank to the Štvanice Island.
We all met at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague (CCHP) – registration desk and the guided departures by metro to AVON Walk started at 11:15 am
 The traditional ticket to this charity event is the AVON T-Shirt. All proceeds from the sale of T-shirts help AVON fund preventive programs and research into breast cancer.  T-shirts were for sale for CZK 399 (currently 17.20 USD/15.44 Euros), pre-registration and advance sale of T-shirts were available on Wednesday 12 June and Thursday 13 June at the registration table at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.  Purchased T-shirts were also available for pick up at the Conference venue on the afternoon of Friday 14 June and morning of Saturday 15 June.

Photo Credits : My Infinix photo camera phone
Helena Szmigielova for the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer
Pictures as captured by other delegates